Bowie + Eve
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School Marks
temporary tattoos on skin
each tattoo: approx. 2 x 2 inches

School Marks was a participatory performance event at The Go Project's annual benefit in 2008. Temporary tattoos were developed specifically for the event. The designs reference themes and goals from the program's mission statement. Three different tattoos were made, each with different drawn image of a tree and an educational cursive guide filled with a Latin word (see translations above).

During the benefit Bowie + Eve passed the tattoos on a tray as if they were an hors d'oeuvre. Guests were offered their choice of design and were assisted in application of the temporary tattoo. Cards containing the definitions, as well as a description of The Go Project and its mission were also distributed at the event.

Mission of The Go Project:
The Go Project is a non-profit organization that provides academic assistance and social services to low-income, underperforming elementary school children in Lower Manhattan. Go identifies public school students performing below grade level and helps improve their academic performance, build self-esteem, and develop essential life skills. Go's year round program addresses the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of children and their families.