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Chalk Murals at The Brooklyn Lyceum
8 x 8 feet

These chalk murals were presented as a backdrop to the 2008 MATA Festival which took place at the Brooklyn Lyceum in April of 2008.

The chalk drawings were accompanied by a flyer that was placed on audience members' seats (text below). The drawings were gradually erased by people and performers brushing against them accidentally smudging the chalk. These smudges were left, showing the passage of time and the erosion of once perfect architectural forms. Ultimately, like the original windows that there drawings were based on, they were erased completely.

flyer text:
The chalk drawings on either side of the performance area were created by Eve + Bowie specifically for the MATA Festival. They depict the original windows of the Brooklyn Lyceum, designed by Raymond Almirall. The building opened in 1910 as Public Bath #7 and could serve over three hundred community members at once.

The windows were removed in 1938 at the beginning of a controversial five year conversion from Public Bath to Gymnasium. The conversion eliminated the public pool and provided sixteen showers. The Gymnasium's capacity was approximately fifty.

Bowie + Eve create collaborative work focusing on points of personal contact and drawing on history, social context, and compulsion.