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Edible Ghetto/Ghetto Edibles, a gingerbread housing project
(time lapse by Josh Kesner)
instllation: approx 3 x 4 x 4 feet


Edible Ghetto/Ghetto Edibles a gingerbread housing project
Collaboration with Eliza Myrie
September 26th, 2009. 3rd Ward Brooklyn, NY

This cultural moment has provided us with a new awareness of how we shelter ourselves, in large part because what was assumed for many has been taken away; tent cities, foreclosure and homelessness are more pressing than ever. Additionally it magnifies the experience of those who have been dealing with transient and inadequate housing for much longer than the media frenzied natural disasters we are all so familiar with.

Housing ghettos are representative of people finding a way within their "means". What does it mean to re-image something regarded in the cultural imagination as sweet and innocent? What about the more sinister side of the "Hansel and Gretel" fable or the implications surrounding shelter/home as sustenance?

The piece "edible ghetto/ghetto edibles", an edible structure drawing from the architecture of tenements, abandoned factory towns, projects, and row houses, finds the participants/viewers ingesting the concepts and issues surrounding these spaces. At once the imminent destruction is a chance to grow something from nothing and examine the destruction we are ourselves responsible for.