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Banned (installation view)
candy, mixed media
instllation: approx 3 x 4 x 4 feet

To create Banned Eve + Bowie collaborated with the high school students of the Providence based non-profit New Urban Arts.

Banned depicts the high-school climate of the New Urban Arts students. Universally, objects of important and use, such as phones, hats and bandannas, are confiscated during school hours and piled in the desks of teachers and administrators. Each candy phone is custom painted in edible pigment by the collaborative artists to depict their individuality and personal connection to this ubiquitous feeling of being :banned". The phones are all different, just as the information inside each real phone is different -- the numbers, text messages, and other information stored inside of them representing an individual's life and tastes. The students at New Urban Arts felt it was important to offer phones for consumption as a way to consider why and how these objects are confiscated.

The Banned installation was part of a group exhibition at the New Urban Art's Art Party. During the opening event the sugarcandy phones were taken to be eaten.

The project is a continuation of Bowie + Eve's Objects of Dysconsumption series engaging participants to examine what we choose or refuse to consume.

Excerpt from students' project statement:
"Inspiration bubbler over our heads as we discussed ideas for candy molds and the things we felt passionate about. We brainstormed and realized that there is a strange phenomenon breaking out in school where even though America is "trying" to get healthier, students' cell phones are confiscated more often than a bag of sweets. Project Banned was formed. Dead cell phones were used to make candy for four distinct candy molds with five distinct flavors including Marshmallow, Blackberry, and more. New Urban Arts students collaborated to paint the cell phones, making them as real and as surreal as their hearts desired. Please enjoy the experience of eating that which should not be eaten and inadvertently sticking it to the administration by bringing joy to your mouth."